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Firm Statement on Racial Injustice

Firm Statement on Racial Injustice

June 3, 2020

A Joint Statement of the Executive Committee and Diversity

We at Riker Danzig are appalled and sincerely saddened by the tragic killing of George Floyd at the hands of those entrusted to protect their citizens. As a Firm, we unequivocally stand against racism and all other forms of injustice.  As attorneys, we are committed to ensuring that the rights of all people, regardless of color, are equally and fairly applied. We mourn Mr. Floyd’s loss and hope that justice will be served for him and others who have lost their lives because of the color of their skin. 

We also believe that hope can coexist with pain, and we are encouraged by the powerful displays of unity emanating from peaceful marches in New Jersey communities, and elsewhere, where police officers showed compassionate leadership by joining with protesters to raise their voices against prejudice and injustice. 

Riker Danzig has a long history of promoting equality and social justice.  We want to focus on moving forward, and continue to encourage our employees to speak out against bigotry, advocate for those who have no voice, and be intolerant of racial injustice. Riker Danzig stands with those members of our community who fear being perceived as a “threat” because of their race, and steadfastly supports those who protest peacefully for change.  We are committed to working together to eradicate racial injustice in all of its insidious forms. 

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