Coronavirus - Bankruptcy & Reorganization Law Update

Coronavirus - Bankruptcy & Reorganization Law Update
Riker Danzig Bankruptcy Client UPDATE March 23, 2020

With the havoc being wreaked by the COVID-19 virus on businesses and supply chains, shuttering many businesses and decimating certain industries, business owners and management are seeking guidance to help mitigate their risk of financial distress.  Following is a checklist with specific action items for decisionmakers to review, recognizing that every situation is unique and there is no universal solution that will fit every business scenario in our current unprecedented economic environment.  Riker Danzig’s Bankruptcy and Reorganization Practice Group has a deep bench and is available to help you through this difficult situation.

Crisis Management “To Do” Checklist    

       - Loan/credit facility maturity dates 

       - Debt service payment due dates 

       - Material contract/lease payment due dates 

       - Due dates for normal accounts payable and accounts receivable 

Riker Danzig’s Bankruptcy & Reorganization Practice Group, under the leadership of its Chair, Joseph L. Schwartz (973.451.8506;, is actively evaluating cogent and efficient strategies to best address all relevant issues, and stands ready to assist clients and business associates in charting an efficient and sound course of action to address mounting challenges.   

Please visit Riker Danzig’s COVID-19 Resource Center to stay up to date on all related legal issues.