Environmental Attorney Matt Karmel to Receive 2021 NJDEP Recycling Award

Environmental Attorney Matt Karmel to Receive 2021 NJDEP Recycling Award
Oct 20, 2021

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has selected Environmental associate Matthew A. Karmel to receive a 2021 NJDEP Recycling Award for the Rising Star award category. The awards recognize the outstanding recycling achievements of municipalities, counties, businesses and industry and individuals, as well as schools and other institutions. Matt has made organic waste recycling initiatives a cornerstone of his practice, providing legal counsel to composting facilities and anaerobic digestion facilities, as well as upcycled food companies and food waste generators.  He also helped form the NJ Composting Council and serves on its Board of Trustees, as well as Chair of its Advocacy and Market Development Committee. 

In a statement issued by the NJDEP, Commissioner Shawn M. LaTourette said, “I join with my colleagues at the Department of Environmental Protection in commending this year’s honorees for their great efforts to promote recycling and educate their communities about the importance of diverting waste, which helps to better protect our natural resources and reduce emissions that contribute to climate change.” Paul Baldauf, NJDEP’s Assistant Commissioner for Air Quality, Energy and Sustainability, said, “We proudly recognize these award winners for their focused and innovative efforts to keep New Jersey’s environment clean and healthy.  We hope promoting their accomplishments will inspire others to adopt better recycling practices.”

The virtual awards ceremony is on October 20, 2021 starting at 1:00 PM and will take place during an Association of New Jersey Recyclers webinar.

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