Pro Bono Work

Improving Our Communities

Our distinguished history representing pro bono clients and charitable foundations is widely recognized.  In recent years, Riker Danzig has been awarded the Corporate Partner of the Year Award by the Hope Chest Scholarship Foundation, which provides financial assistance to deserving minority youths of the State of New Jersey attending a college, university or trade school, and the Corporate Philanthropy Award by The Community Foundation of New Jersey in recognition of the pro bono and charitable organization work with which the firm has been involved.

Associates receive regular training in this area and are encouraged to take on pro bono matters of their choice. Time spent performing pro bono work is included in an associate's billable hours. Aside from pro bono legal services, members of the firm actively engage in community work by serving on boards of directors or committees of non-profit organizations, and on boards of organizations that seek to increase access to legal services for those with limited financial means. Organizations for which the firm performs pro bono work, charitable time or provides charitable support include: