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Public Utilities

Public Utilities

As an industry that straddles the line between maintaining the infrastructure for certain public lifeline services and operating as revenue-generating, privately held companies, it is subject to extensive regulation and policy pressures. It may also be subject to market dynamics and investor interests.

In recent years, the nation’s overall economic turns have directly impacted this industry; while it has maintained overall stability, it still faces uncertainty with looming challenges such as aging infrastructure (that must be upgraded at considerable cost), clean energy (living up to previous commitments and future expectations), emerging technologies (including growing connectivity, as well as unforeseen developments), and even destabilized weather patterns (with escalating unpredictable storm events nationwide, as well as increased activism in the realm of climate change).

These factors mean that oversight, protections, litigation, development and financing must be regarded by individuals with a specific grasp of the industry and those who already keep abreast of the emerging trends and changing regulatory affairs guiding its future state.

The Public Utilities Law group at Riker Danzig has both experience with and deep knowledge of all sides of this industry. The attorneys in this group also work closely with attorneys in related practice areas, including Environmental, Real Estate, Governmental Affairs and Litigation, providing necessary expertise to achieve client goals.


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