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Riker Danzig offers attorneys the breadth and quality of a highly sophisticated, challenging and rewarding law practice, with an important advantage – an agreeable way of life. Our lawyers maintain manageable working hours, substantial responsibility early in their careers and a high degree of visibility in the community. We are a full-service firm comprised of dedicated, involved attorneys who balance work, family and community activities. Our outstanding legal reputation speaks for itself, and the quality of our lawyers is second to none.

This combination of quality of work and life is why Riker Danzig is unique. We seek to hire well-rounded lawyers who will contribute to our success as a firm and the progress of our surrounding community. Our recruiting goal is to employ those persons who possess the legal ability that will enable them to make an outstanding contribution to our clients, the community and our firm.

Riker Danzig offers attorneys the breadth and quality of a New York City law practice, with an important advantage: an agreeable way of life. Our lawyers have manageable working hours, substantial responsibility early on in their careers, residential and recreational benefits, and a high degree of visibility in the community. This combination of quality of work and life is what makes Riker Danzig unique.

Riker Danzig seeks well-rounded, personable individuals whose superior academic achievements and activities, writing skills, and diversified background and interests will yield exceptional leadership and ability.

Summer Associates panel

Summer Associates

The summer program is our principal source of hiring entry-level attorneys and is designed with the summer associate’s professional development as its primary goal. Because more than three quarters of our summer associates return to the firm as full-time lawyers, we maintain high standards in the selection process. We recognize that the program should give each summer associate a realistic impression of what the people and practice of Riker Danzig are all about. Individual attention is a priority.

Campus Interview Calendar

We plan to visit the following schools this fall to meet with second year law students for potential summer positions. We encourage students to submit resumes for consideration during the fall recruiting season by following the procedures established by your law school career services office.


Upon arriving at Riker Danzig, new associates are assigned to one of our departments and receive immediate, front-line responsibility. Personal preferences are considered along with the firm’s needs to determine practice area placement. Associates are involved in all aspects of the practice from the beginning of their careers at Riker Danzig; they try cases, handle transactions, deal with clients, and find themselves in other positions of substantial responsibility. Our emphasis on teamwork is evident in the extensive involvement every attorney – from first year associates to partners – plays in order to achieve our goal of successful results for our clients. It is our new associates who bring refreshing ideas and energy, helping us to meet the increasing needs of our diverse client base.

Life in Morristown

Morristown is an appealing and lively community with a cosmopolitan flair, at the crossroads of culture and commerce. Recognized as a legal center in New Jersey, Morristown continues to offer increasing opportunities for Riker Danzig attorneys. As a vital location in a state that is a corporate and industrial hub, Morristown offers a myriad of social and cultural interests, making it a popular and prime location for professionals. Spread across 2.8 square miles of lush green hills, the town offers “the conveniences of Manhattan without the hassle,” according to the New York Times.

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