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Nonprofit & Tax-Exempt Organizations

Nonprofit & Tax-Exempt Organizations

For most intents and purposes, the Nonprofit and Tax-Exempt Organizations Industry could be treated as one and the same, except by which level of jurisdiction and legal governance (state or federal) your case or deal may be impacted. And though these organizations largely face many of the same needs and concerns as for-profits, our Nonprofit and Tax-Exempt Organizations Group is singularly familiar with their more unique needs (such as planned giving, grants, or government advocacy).

Your organization may be seeking guidance on contracts for donations, grants, partnerships, or sponsorships, and our nonprofit tax lawyers are able to provide counsel on these matters with great specificity. We also work closely with specialists from our related practice areas of Tax Law and Employment Law, as well as Mergers and Acquisitions. You may require advisory support when setting up trusts or endowments, with soliciting and processing gifts, or complying with federal law with regard to lobbying or campaigning (pursuant to filing status). We also have experience with public and private organizations and foundations of all sizes, from legacy institutions to first filings.

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