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The Telecommunications Industry played a major role in society’s shift to remote work during the pandemic, and it will continue to sustain this new model for the foreseeable future. Encompassing network providers, phone companies, cable, cell and RF carriers, satellite, and more, telecom is an expansive and expanding field upon which we all rely to work, play, and stay connected.

But along with rapid scale, there is the question of security. As telecommunications providers and the companies affiliated with them grow, their obligations with regard to accumulating, protecting, and sharing data do, too.

To learn if your current or prospective company is sufficiently covered, or to understand your rights and protections, connect with our experienced attorneys who specialize in telecom, monitor pending legislation, and have successfully represented the interests of diverse clients in this expanding field. Learn more at Public Utilities.

Our Governmental Affairs attorneys monitor relevant pending legislation, and we regularly represent clients in matters pertaining to legislation. We also have extensive experience in the drafting of rules and regulations, and in preparation of oral and written comments on agency rule proposals. Learn more at Governmental Affairs and Public Utilities.

Our clients in the Telecommunications industry benefit from the collaboration of those in related practice areas who address areas such as matters of acquisition, compliance, contracts, data privacy, licensing, service regulation and more. Learn more at Cybersecurity, Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property and Corporate Law.


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