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About Us

A Tradition of Legal Innovation

Clients large and small rely on Riker Danzig’s in-depth knowledge of complex trial and appellate litigation, its sophisticated corporate and transactional work, and its thorough understanding of the regulatory landscape. As a full-service law firm bringing together about 140 attorneys practicing in virtually every area of law, drawing on a rich 140-year history as a legal market leader, we represent some of the largest public corporations in the U.S., as well as emerging growth companies and middle-market businesses.

Working with Riker Danzig means partnering with skilled and dedicated attorneys who consistently deliver the highest level of legal expertise to consistently provide results. We pride ourselves in addressing our clients’ legal needs in concert with their business goals, in the most cost-effective manner. We strive to build strong, long-term client relationships, recognizing that people are at the heart of every case or transaction. Our ability to balance aggressive advocacy with an approachable practicality offers our clients a truly invaluable client experience.


Our Purpose

Our purpose and motivation is to be a trusted partner to our clients, helping them succeed by providing practical solutions to their challenges.  We endeavor to earn our clients’ confidence by putting their interests ahead of our own.  Throughout our 140-year history, our goal has remained the same:  to achieve outstanding results for our clients that exceed their expectations, while fulfilling our responsibility to the community and dedication to public service.

Our Core Values


Our attorneys are highly talented, driven to succeed, and willing to work hard. But beyond the hard work, we succeed because we spend the time necessary to understand our clients’ goals and needs, and what concerns keep them up at night. This commitment to excellence is fueled by our desire to earn the trust and confidence of our clients.


We are active members of our community. We not only work here, we live here. Pro bono work is encouraged, expected and rewarded. We support numerous community organizations and interests, and many of our attorneys actively serve on boards of charitable organizations to further benefit our community.


As problem-solvers, we are adept at identifying creative solutions to accomplish our clients’ goals. Rarely are the issues clear cut. Because we have vast expertise in our practice areas, we can bring creativity to bear on every challenge and project. We apply our combined skills and knowledge to devise new angles from which to advocate for our clients’ interests.


Our attorneys are united in their dedication to the best interests of our clients, driving us to accomplish great things for them. Our passion for the law energizes us to work to accomplish our clients’ goals through aggressive strategies, disciplined execution and a relentless commitment to their success.


Our dealings with our clients, our colleagues, the courts and other parties are marked by the highest standards of professional integrity. Our clients can have complete confidence that we are always serving their best interests without compromise, and that we are being realistic and upfront when setting expectations and discussing possible outcomes.


We seek out and welcome diverse perspectives, flourishing in a team mentality and dynamic work environment with our Riker Danzig colleagues and our clients. This collegial culture stimulates discussion, develops innovation and thoughtfulness, makes us more efficient and productive, and inspires our entire Firm workplace, encouraging exemplary client service.


Riker Danzig:  One of New Jersey’s oldest and most prestigious law firms, providing clients with superior legal services for 140 years

When you work with Riker Danzig, you are choosing a legal team that has been at the forefront of the New Jersey legal community since 1882.  Riker Danzig is proud of its long history of contributions to the legal community in New Jersey, as well as to the communities in which we live and work.

Riker & Sustainability

Over ten years ago, Riker Danzig introduced “Riker Goes Green,” a variety of environmentally-responsible initiatives, in an effort to make a positive impact on the environment. Since that time, we have paid close attention to sustainability research and practices, actively looking for areas where we could make changes that would have a measurable impact, and have made numerous improvements to reduce the environmental impact of the firm’s operations.

Diversity & Inclusion

Riker Danzig has a long history of commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We are proud of our heritage as a leader in promoting women and people of color, including some who broke traditional leadership barriers within law firms, and others who built on their foundation at Riker to break new ground in the courts and government. While the Firm takes pride in its strong tradition, we recognize that persistent vigilance is required to combat the ongoing and pervasive issues of systemic racial bias and other forms of discrimination in many aspects of our society, including several areas of the justice system.

Pro Bono Panel

Pro Bono Work

A Firmwide Commitment

Pro bono work has been central to the Firm’s culture throughout our history. Our commitment to provide the highest quality legal services is for all of our clients, both business side and pro bono. We believe that providing pro bono legal services is the ethical obligation of each of our attorneys, and we strongly encourage all of our attorneys to include pro bono services in their practice of the law. Our support translates to financial rewards, as the Firm’s policy provides credit toward annual bonuses for pro bono hours.

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