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Training and Development

Upon arriving at Riker Danzig, new associates are assigned to one of our departments and receive immediate, front-line responsibility. Personal preferences are considered along with the firm's needs to determine practice area placement. Associates are involved in all aspects of the practice from the beginning of their careers at Riker Danzig; they try cases, handle transactions, deal with clients, and find themselves in other positions of substantial responsibility. Our emphasis on teamwork is evident in the extensive involvement every attorney - from first year associates to partners - plays in order to achieve our goal of successful results for our clients. It is our new associates who bring refreshing ideas and energy, helping us to meet the increasing needs of our diverse client base.

Immediate responsibility is essential, but so is proper training and support for new associates. We are committed to developing the full range of lawyering skills of each attorney. Training is a part of a career-long process and all first, second and third year associates begin by participating in our in-house training program. Educational seminars, both within and outside the firm, are offered regularly to supplement associates' continuing education. This structured program includes internal seminars that provide an overview of the firm's many practice areas, guidance on legal research and legal writing, as well as more intensive training focused on the applicable practice area beginning in the associate's second year. We strive to make the transition from law student to practicing attorney both an educational and manageable process.


The early responsibility we give to our new associates is supported by a mentoring program in which senior associates and partners work closely with more junior attorneys to develop various skills. Each associate is assigned a mentor, who provides assistance with time management issues, administrative procedures, and various day-to-day concerns.


Presently, the firm has a structured bonus program for associates.

Present Benefit Plans include: Hospitalization, Major Medical, Dental (all with Domestic Partner benefits), Life Insurance, Disability Coverage (long & short term), 401K upon commencement, Flex Spending Plan, Underground Parking, three weeks vacation and payment of a portion of health club membership fee. (Any Benefit Plan may be changed or eliminated at any time.)

Bar Review Expenses

The firm will pay bar association membership dues for active members, and partial or full reimbursement of approved continuing legal education programs. The firm also reimburses new associates for the New Jersey bar exam fees and bar review courses. Attorneys preparing for the NJ Bar Exam receive one week of study time.

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