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Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

We have reached a point where science is breaking ground at an inconceivable pace, and the Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology Industry is not slowing down anytime soon. The rapid development of COVID-19 vaccinations is one notable achievement that reemphasized the true potential of pharma companies. Beyond healthcare, that is true from a position of business, investment, technology, and overall innovation.

The world may be looking to this industry to forge paths forward, and our attorneys are able to support your company’s ambitions to be a part of that transformative leadership.

Look to our Corporate attorneys for counsel on contract review and preparation, as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Our Governmental Affairs attorneys have a strong niche in providing legislative services to our pharmaceutical clients, as well as providing counsel on regulatory affairs pursuant to current or upcoming business plans and compliance matters.

Our Environmental attorneys have long assisted clients in these industries with clean-up requirements at numerous legacy sites, as well as with complex regulatory issues pertaining to the operation and construction of manufacturing and research and development facilities.

Our specialists in the Intellectual Property group provide patent representation and insights relating to the development of new products.

Riker Danzig’s Products Liability Group has an extensive and rich history litigating at the most complex levels on behalf of the Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology Industry.

Our Healthcare Group has a long history of assisting retail pharmacies in licensing issues, billing audits, and other regulatory compliance and litigation issues.

Additionally, we understand that your specialized legal assessment and protection coverage needs may range from Employment and Tax Law to Cybersecurity. We are able to satisfy each of these diverse but equally important angles with supporting practice areas.


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