NJ Court Finds Another Piece of the Insurance Allocation Puzzle

Under New Jersey insurance law, many of the coverage issues arising under comprehensive general liability (“CGL”) policies related to long-tail environmental claims have been resolved, however, allocation issues, what percentage of the loss each carrier and/or the policyholder is responsible for, are hotly disputed.

Pursuing Tax Appeals for Contaminated Sites

In a recent case, ACP Partnership v. Garwood Borough (Tax Court March 22, 2016), a New Jersey Tax court found that although property was “in use” for tax valuation purposes, the town was required to consider contamination at the property when assessing taxes. 

NJDEP Guidance Explains Procedures for Spill Act Liens

Under the New Jersey Spill Compensation and Control Act (“Spill Act”), NJDEP may remediate hazardous substances and then file a lien on the property of a person responsible for the discharge of the hazardous substance in order to recover its remediation costs.