Marital Status a Consideration in Discrimination Claims Against Employers

My contributions to the Riker Danzig Family Law Blog are usually limited to matters dealing strictly with issues that squarely impact divorce litigation.  I recently researched a New Jersey Supreme Court employment law case decided this past summer, however, that I found of particular importance as it relates to client management for divorcing clients, and has been a burgeoning issue in recent years: clients being concerned about loss of employment resulting directly from their divorce.  

A Not-So Empty Nest and Child Support

Many people presume that child support automatically terminates upon a child’s attainment of the age of majority. However, whether an ex-spouse is entitled to continue to receive child support past that time is not so black and white. The New Jersey law which addresses “emancipation” for purposes of terminating child support was recently amended and becomes effective February 1, 2017.

Agree to Disagree? Appealing Trial Court Orders Regarding Arbitration Awards

A recent Appellate Division opinion confirms the general rule that trial orders confirming, modifying or correcting an arbitration award are precluded from appellate review by statute, the Alternative Procedure for Dispute Resolution Act (APDRA).  This decision is an important read for anyone with an arbitration clause in his or her marital settlement agreement.