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New Jersey Appellate Division Issues Important Continuous Trigger Ruling and Defines Manifestation of Damage for the “Last Pull of the Trigger” in Construction Defect Coverage Case

Riker Danzig Insurance Alert October 11, 2017

Second Circuit Affirms that Party Seeking Coverage Under Liability Policy Bears the Burden of Allocating a General Verdict between Covered and Uncovered Damages

Riker Danzig Insurance Alert September 27, 2017

NY Court of Appeals Issues Game-Changing Decision: Additional Insureds Must Show Injury Proximately Caused by the Named Insured To Gain Coverage Under Standard ISO Endorsements

Riker Danzig Insurance Update June 7, 2017

New Jersey Supreme Court Rules that a Violation of the Insurance Fraud Prevention Act Can Be Based on a Defendant’s Plain-Language Understanding of “Knowing” that its Conduct is Illegal

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