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March 1, 2001
Area(s) of Practice:
Environmental Law
  • SEEDS have sprouted on the NJDEP website. "SEEDS" is the State's Environmental Education Directory WebSite. Through the new website, the public may learn about various education opportunities sponsored by the Department. The site provides information regarding environmental field trips within the State, technical guidance available from NJDEP, training sponsored by NJDEP, events and conferences, grant programs and volunteer opportunities. The web site may be found at www.state.nj.us/dep/seeds/index.htm.
  • The web version of NJDEP's print catalog of grants and loans administered by the NJDEP for 2000-2001 is now available at www.state.nj.us/dep/grantandloanprograms. DEP divided the catalog into categories based on the administering program. The programs include: Environmen-tal Regulation, Land Use Management, Environmental Planning and Science, Natural and Historic Resources, Compliance and Enforcement, Office of Business and External Affairs, and Site Remediation. The catalog also lists statutorily viable programs that are currently without funding.