President Issues Executive Orders Regarding Energy Production

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President Issues Executive Orders Regarding Energy Production
July 1, 2001
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Environmental Law

On May 18th, the President issued two Executive Orders recommended in the National Energy Policy Report released on May 17th. The first Order requires that federal agencies prepare a Statement of Energy Effects when undertaking any significant energy actions. The statement is to consider: i) any adverse effects on energy supply, distribution, or use (including a shortfall in supply, price increases, and increased use of foreign supplies) should the proposed action be implemented, and ii) reasonable alternatives.

The second Order requires federal agencies to take additional steps to increase the available energy supply. Specifically, the Order requires agencies to expedite their reviews of permits and otherwise accelerate completion of supply projects. In addition, the Order establishes an interagency task force to monitor the agencies and assist them in coordinating Federal, State, tribal, and local permitting in geographic areas where increased permitting is expected.