Senate Passes Several Bills on Water Supply

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Senate Passes Several Bills on Water Supply
July 1, 2001
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Environmental Law

The following six sets of companion bills are part of a larger initiative to clean and protect the waters of the State. The Senate versions all have passed the Senate, have been considered by and reported out of the Assembly Environment Committee, and currently reside in the Assembly Appropriations Committee, along with their companion Assembly bills.

  • S-2130/A-3407 would allocate $2.1 million to the "Water Supply Fund" to be used for water supply management purposes, including an expansion of the State's water monitoring network.
  • S-2131/A-3408 proposes to appropriate $1 million for a study to determine if the State's infrastructure is adequate to transfer drinking water from one source to another as necessary during a drought emergency.
  • S-2132/A-3409 allows for $50,000 grants to each of the State's 20 watershed management area associations to support educational activities that would inform the public as to the sources of pollution within each unique watershed.
  • S-2133/A-3411 directs NJDEP to establish additional chemical stream water quality monitoring stations and to maintain the existing stations.
  • S-2134/A-3410 would appropriate $250,000 to NJDEP for drilling groundwater monitoring wells.
  • S-2135/A-3341 would establish a $50 million "Water Quality Remediation Fund" to be used for a municipal landfill closure program, the reduction of nonpoint source pollution, remediation of contaminated wells, and the extension of sewer service to areas with failing septic systems.