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Partner Mick Rossignol Tapped by Law360 Re NJ Remote Notarization Law

October 22, 2021

Michael J. Rossignol, partner in the Firm’s Insurance and Reinsurance Group, was recently quoted in a Law360 Pulse article regarding New Jersey’s remote notarization law. During the pandemic, New Jersey had temporary provisions that allowed for remote notarization, but the new law that went into effect on October 20, 2021 makes remote notarization permanent.  The article notes that Mick “sees the law as a response to difficulties presented during the pandemic.” He told Law360 Pulse, “During the height of the lockdown, clients and employees of certain clients were unable to appear before a notary due either to personal issues with in-person meetings or because of employer-imposed bans on same.  The new law remedies such issues, including against the potential for future pandemic-related restrictions on personal contact." Mick added, “The benefits may not be significant overall, but remote notarizations should save time for clients involved in insurance-related litigation and certain nonlitigation disputes wherever their notarized signatures are required. So I also see it as progress in this regard.”

See Law360 Pulse for the complete article. (subscription required)

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