Corporate Partner Jason Navarino Speaks on LLC Operating Agreements

Corporate Partner Jason Navarino Speaks on LLC Operating Agreements
Feb 19, 2015

Riker Danzig Tax and Corporate Partner Jason Navarino will speak on "Legal and Tax Considerations in Drafting LLC Agreements," a New Jersey Institute of Continuing Legal Education seminar being presented in cooperation with the New Jersey State Bar Association's Taxation Law Section.

This program will help attendees to draft operating agreements that fulfill the goals of a business while adequately addressing the relevant legal and tax issues by providing specific tools and techniques to take advantage of potential legal and tax benefits and avoid pitfalls.

Included will be a discussion of:

• Management, liability and indemnification under the Revised Limited Liability Company Act
• Entity classification for tax purposes
• Understanding capital accounts for tax purposes and relationship to financial books
• Capital contributions and loans between an LLC and its members
• Allocations of gain/loss issues and distributions of cash flow and capital proceeds
• Tax distributions to help members meet their tax obligations
• Legal and tax considerations with respect to transfers, including rights of first offer/refusal and puts and calls
• Tax audit provisions
• Dissolution and termination
• Profits interests versus capital interests

For more information, please go to ICLE Seminar.