Environmental Attorney Speaks at Maritime Conference

Environmental Attorney Speaks at Maritime Conference
Feb 03, 2015

Environmental Counsel Laurie J. Sands is speaking at the "Admiralty & Maritime Claims and Litigation" Forum in Houston, Texas on February 5th.  Laurie will be speaking on a panel addressing "Economics With Respect to Meeting Environmental Controls:  Practical Issues Surrounding Compliance With Environmental Standards, How the Low Sulfur Fuel Regulations Are Impacting the Industry, Environmental Impact Concerns and Increased Litigation, and More."

Laurie and her fellow panelists will address:  

How difficult is it to comply?
Answering DOJ inquiries
Emission control areas
USEPA Vessel general permit
Environmental issues, port facilities, and port state control inspections
Security requests related to APPS/MARPOL violations
Regulations with respect to ship ballast water treatment
Salvage operations and environmental aspects of it

For more information, please go to Maritime Conference.