Partner Stuart Lederman addresses Green Acres issues

Partner Stuart Lederman addresses Green Acres issues
Mar 03, 2010

Stuart Lederman, a partner in the firm's Litigation and Governmental Affairs Groups, recently spoke at the New Jersey Recreation and Park Association's Annual Conference, Parks, Programs, People in Atlantic City. In a session entitled "Stewardship of Green Acres-Encumbered Parkland," Stuart was joined by New Jersey Green Acres Program staff Judeth Yeany in addressing the issues facing recreation programs, including user fees, leases, user agreements, concession agreements, scheduling of park facilities, and signage requirements. In addition, they explained the different requirements for funded v. unfunded parkland.

Since the Green Acres Program is beginning the process of amending its rules and regulations, this session gave attendees the opportunity to express their concerns and make comments that will be considered during the rule amendment process. Those in attendance also learned how the rules and regulations will be developed, amended and implemented.