Riker Danzig Featured In Xerox Event

Riker Danzig Featured In Xerox Event
Apr 30, 2003

Xerox Corporation has selected Riker Danzig to be featured in its new office strategy and product announcement intended to transform the way people work.

Xerox videotaped a segment for its April 30th event, which will be aired from New York City via satellite and on the worldwide Web to locations across the country, with Riker Danzig's Director of Administration Jack Berkowitz and Director of Information Technology Gary Link. Both stressed that accessibility and timeliness of documents are critical to a firm's productivity, and the lack of an efficient management system could be problematic. Mr. Berkowitz explained, "Because we deal with time-sensitive documents and information, any bottlenecks could cause us delays in doing filings with the courts, which could be very costly to our clients."

At an event in New York City's Time Square today, Xerox unveiled 21 new and enhanced products along with software solutions and services aimed at increasing productivity in offices of all sizes. In a speech at the event, Anne M. Mulcahy, Xerox Chairman and CEO said, "Documents are a hidden and often misunderstood aspect of business cost, productivity and IT infrastructure. Information technology has created a world where a storm of documents paralyzes business processes and hampers productivity."

Xerox selected Riker Danzig for its office strategy and product announcement because the law firm is committed to looking for new ways to improve productivity and enhance client service.