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Christie Administration Proposes Business-Friendly State Plan

October 30, 2016

The Christie Administration proposed a new State Strategic Plan ("SSP"), which would replace the existing State Development and Redevelopment Plan.  If adopted, the SSP will provide a long-term guide for business and land development in New Jersey.

The stated purpose of the SSP is to focus New Jersey's "policies and investments" on "vibrant regions by fostering targeted job growth, supporting effective regional planning and preserving the State's critical resources."  The SSP has four stated goals:

Goal 1: Targeted Economic Growth: Enhance opportunities for attraction and growth of industries of statewide and regional importance.

Goal 2: Effective Planning for Vibrant Regions: Guide and inform regional planning so that each region of the State can experience appropriate growth according to the desires and assets of that region.

Goal 3: Preservation and Enhancement of Critical State Resources: Ensure that strategies for growth include preservation of our State's critical natural, agricultural, scenic, recreation, and historic resources, recognizing the role they play in sustaining and improving the quality of life for New Jersey residents and attracting economic growth.

Goal 4: Tactical Alignment of Government: Enable effective resource allocation, coordination, cooperation and communication among those who play a role in meeting the mission of the SSP.

The SSP also provides that the State will employ "Guiding Principles for State Decision Making" that are designed to provide greater predictability and will leverage State resources in strategic locations.

Although the details of the SSP are not yet fully-developed, it is clear that the Christie Administration seeks to put into place a development plan that places a greater emphasis on business development and job creation.  The adoption of the SSP will impact businesses and land development in the Garden State for many years to come.  Those who are seeking to grow their business or develop property in New Jersey should pay close attention to the development of the SSP.


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