The Whitman Administration

The Whitman Administration

This fall, the Whitman Administration welcomes new additions to the Governor's Cabinet, including Banking and Insurance Commissioner Jaynee LaVecchia, Human Services Commissioner Michele Guhl and Acting Secretary of State Carol Cronheim. Jaynee LaVecchia joins the Banking and Insurance Department after serving as Director of Law in the Department of Law and Public Safety and as the Director and Chief Administrative Law Judge in the Office of Administrative Law. Michele Guhl served as Deputy Commissioner in the Department of Human Services with jurisdiction over the Division of Youth and Family Services before being selected by the Governor to serve as Commissioner of that Department. She also previously served as Deputy Chief of Staff and Cabinet Secretary for Governor Whitman. Carol Cronheim served as a policy advisor and speechwriter for the Governor before being named Acting Secretary of State.

Governor Whitman also recently enacted a new law to create the New Jersey Commerce and Economic Growth Commission to replace the Department of Commerce as of August 30, 1998. Public Law 1998, chapter 44. As a result, Commissioner Gualberto Medina now serves as Chief Executive Officer of the Commission and still sits on the Governor's Cabinet.

The following is a list of the current Cabinet members in the Whitman Administration:

Secretary of Agriculture, Arthur R. Brown

Commissioner of Banking and Insurance, Jaynee LaVecchia. (Ms. LaVecchia replaces Elizabeth Randall who resigned from the Banking and Insurance Department to accept a position at the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority.)

Commissioner of Community Affairs, Jane M. Kenny

Commissioner of Corrections, John S. Terhune

Commissioner of Education, Leo F. Klagholz

Commissioner of Environmental Protection, Robert C. Shinn, Jr.

Commissioner of Health and Senior Services, Len Fishman

Commissioner of Human Services, Michele Guhl. (Ms. Guhl replaces William Waldman, who resigned to accept a position with a national welfare group in Washington, D.C.)

Commissioner of Labor, Melvin L. Gelade

Attorney General, Peter Verniero

Adjudicant General, Paul J. Glazar

Commissioner of Personnel, Janice Mitchell Mintz

Acting Secretary of State, Carol Cronheim. (Ms. Cronheim replaces Lonna Hooks, who resigned to accept a position at Bloomfield College.)

Commissioner of Transportation, John J. Haley, Jr.

State Treasurer, James A. DiEleuterio, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer, N.J. Commerce and Economic Growth Commission, Gualberto Medina