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Securities Counsel Liz Small Interviewed by Law360 Re Joining Riker’s NY Office

November 7, 2023

New Riker Danzig Counsel Liz Small was interviewed by Law360 on November 3, 2023 for its “Pulse” publication in “Riker Danzig Brings on UBS Vet in New York.”  The article noted that Liz was manager of UBS’s special review group before joining Morgan Stanley as head of core functions for its global financial crimes division, and then ultimately returning to UBS as an investigations specialist.  Liz joined Riker Danzig as Counsel in our Securities Litigation, Arbitration, Regulation and Investigations Practice on November 1, 2023.

Liz told Law360 that she was drawn to practice at Riker Danzig by the opportunity to do “fact-specific” work, which she described as “digging in, talking to people, reading emails, creating chronologies and putting my own objective picture of what’s going on.”  She said, “It wasn’t necessarily a drive to work at a law firm instead of working in-house; I think it was more a desire to work for these people in particular.”

Liz also expressed pleasure that she will get to work closely with Riker Danzig partner Rebecca Borgese, whom she had met during her initial time at UBS.  “I fast-forwarded my acquaintanceship with her to a point where she had gone to law school and become not just a lawyer, but an accomplished lawyer, and it was very exciting to re-encounter her further down the spectrum of her progress,” Liz said in the article of Rebecca.  “She’s a terrific person, a terrific attorney and also just someone who was really enjoyable to interact with.”

The article also quoted Rebecca, who said, “Liz is a longtime friend and colleague who was a mentor to me when I was first starting out in this industry, so I am especially grateful that she has joined our team,” as well as Executive Committee member A.J. Borrelli, who noted Liz’s wealth of securities industry experience conducting complex investigations and handling high-stakes regulatory matters.

For the full article, go to Law360 (subscription required).

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